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Buffy Anne Summers
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Hi! I'm Buffy..the Vampire Slayer aka She who hangs out in graveyards late at night. I'm the girl who runs around, trying to save the world from the forces of darkness..blah blah blah..you get the picture.

Actually, I'm also just a girl trying to live a life as close to normal as I can get it. But with me, everything is very far from normal. For instance, I've had to save the world..uh I lost count. But countless times..and I had to kill my boyfriend one time in order to save the world. My sister was a key wanted by a Hell God to open another dimension and then The First came along.

That doesn't sound too normal now does it? Nope. Told ya so. :)

Well, my real name is Carolyn and as you can see, this is my icon journal too! So, here you will be able to see all of my icons and such I do that are mostly Buffy related. =) Feel free to friend me, but my posts are never locked, so it will never be a friends only journal. That all said, enjoy your visit to my journal and come back again!! xox

Buffy & Angel is Love

Angel is Sexy Love

BtVS & AtS is Love

Sarah is Innocent Love

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made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

IWRY is tragic Love

My games--->

illnvr_4getyou --Buffy ships with Spike-- one-on-one
4ever_and_after --Buffy ships with Angel-- one-on-one

My Brush Credits-->
luridmuse sistasouljah99_ chokeanddie mango_icons ingridmatthews alapsuscaldmi
detoxcocktails crystalkirk celestialperal
ruuk highlander_fan meleada
inside vblackangelv and brokenicon myvowofsilence cenedrawood teh_indy my_wonderful artistbynight okayicons fluffy_monster awmp colorfilter inxsomniax fuzzy withaghost byjove pessimistchick ladyheatherlly 10000_pixels swazzy _joni jisatsu ohpaintbrush iconisms chouchoune lovemelikemusic _joni_ ashke_icons crazy_perfume ewanism dearest iconisms chouchoune ingenu0us celygraphix saihara i_consent tehsexicons theashwee _iroka mylynn lipsofpoison and manyyyy many more. If I use your brushes and did not credit you here, I credit you now! :)


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